Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński

Early music researcher

Marcin Bornus-Szczyciński researches early music and education. He lectures on traditional liturgical music at the Dominican Colleges of Philosophy and Theology in Kraków and Warsaw.

In 1981, he founded the band Bornus Consort, which made recordings for Polish Radio and produced several albums: Petrus de Grudziadz, Chansons et Motets, Mielczewski, and Media Vita. In 1986, he participated in a Paris Conservatory master class through French governmental scholarship.

Bornus-Szczyciński created the Old Music Festival in Stary Sącz and Kraków 2000’s Seven Traditions. He works in the field of liturgical monophony. He committed to the preservation and dissemination of many musical styles. He leads Gregorian Chant Workshops at the Cantor School.