At the beginning of October we started the RCIA program. This is the annual preparation for the sacraments of Christian initiation – Baptism, Confirmation and Eucharist – which is offered in two language groups, Polish and English.

In the Polish group, there are nine candidates who are preparing to receive the sacrament of Confirmation, one to be welcomed into full communion with the Catholic Church, and two candidates who wish to receive all three sacraments.

In the international community, four candidates are preparing for Confirmation and four others who expressed their willingness to receive all the sacraments of initiation. Candidates come from different parts of the world and due to a variety of reasons they call Krakow home now. The countries represented are Vietnam, Venezuela, Tunisia, Turkey, France, Canada, and Spain.

During the formation year, candidates meet once a week with their group to pray together, read the Bible and study Christ’s teaching in the Church. During a pandemic, meetings can take place in a double form – if possible, we meet in person at the priory, but at any time we are ready to move online. In addition to weekly meetings, we are also planning formation and integration trips.

We believe that preparation for the sacraments of initiation makes sense in a community of the living Church, where we find a place for liturgy, prayer, study of the Bible and the teaching of the Church that flow from it. In a group you find an area for doubts, questions, but also for sharing your faith experience.

This program is led not only by Dominican friars. Our RCIA team includes also catechists (companions), i.e. people who have already received all the sacraments of Christian initiation and want to support catechumens and candidates for confirmation with the testimony of their faith, their presence and readiness to help. We are happy to see the variety of professional interests and life experiences catechists bring this year as the group includes, among others, lay theologians, a philosopher, a physician, an art historian, and a PhD student in virogenetics.

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